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Simultaneously contemplative and exuberant – such is the music of Henryk Mikołaj Górecki, who took the world by storm with his Symphony of Sorrowful Songs. The composer drew on the rhythmical and melodious treasure house that is Polish folk, early and sacral music, while simultaneously employing modern 20th century composing techniques. As a result Górecki’s works became a part of world’s musical heritage and constitute a document of a specific era, particular place in Europe and the composer’s unique personality.

The works of the composer is the topic of this year’s Nostalgia Festival, which through music draws on the roots of nations of Central, Eastern and Southern Europe and combines them with modern motifs. When preparing for the festival, we can listen and read about Górecki at trzejkompozytorzy.pl, where the National Audiovisual Institute uploaded a globally pioneering on-line musical collection which features all works of the composer in excellent renditions. A perfect musical feast for nostalgic, autumn evenings!