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A new arrangement of “Sanctus Adalbertus” by Marcin Masecki and Jerzy Rogiewicz, film screenings, meetings with artists and music criticism workshop. Nostalgia Festival Poznań featuring music by Henryk Mikołaj Górecki will continue until Sunday. Tonight the highlight of the festival awaits.

“Górecki is a graceful subject for such arrangements: the orchestration is transparent, there is a simple thought and message. This transcript_ion is for four hands. We do not change the notes, we transcribe them for a different line-up, reducing the numbers. I will play the piano and the synthesizers, Jurek the Hammond organ and percussion”, relates Marcin Masecki in an interview for the biggest Polish daily “Gazeta Wyborcza”. “Górecki’s notes carry enormous weight, and even if only four people sing a given note, the effect may be colossal. (...) It’s like listening to an old radio playing Mahler’s Symphony conducted by Toscanini many years ago. It stirs the imagination (…) there is a certain compelling risk written into it”, adds Masecki for Polish Radio Two.


Tonight we will hear one of the most talented Polish musicians of the young generation in the role of the arranger, pianist and conductor of the sixteen person I. J. Paderewski Vocal Ensemble of Poznań Music Academy. He will be accompanied by Jerzy Rogiewicz, the co-author of the arrangement of the composition. The solo parts will be sung by Eliza Kierepka (soprano) and Adam Kutny (baritone). Tonight at 20.00 at the Jesuit Church in Poznan they will all perform a new rendition of “Sanctus Adalbertus” op. 71, substituting a one hundred and sixty strong orchestra and choir with a twenty person line-up.

Come a bit early to Malta Foundation to compare the modern rendition of the composition with the original. We will show a video recording of the world premiere of “Sanctus Adalbertus” by Henryk Mikołaj Górecki, which took place in 2015 in Cracow. The composition was then performed by the Polish Radio National Symphonic Orchestra, Polish Radio Choir in Cracow, Cracow Philharmonic Choir, soloists – Wioletta Chodowicz (soprano) and Artur Ruciński (baritone), conducted by Jacek Kaspszyk.